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Conference : 4 Perspectives on Data in Business – 18.11.2019

On November 18th, 2019, HEC Data Minds hosted a conference on “4 Perspectives on Data in Business.” Over 50 students from various HEC programs came to this event to learn more about insights that speakers from four different types of companies shared with them.

The conference started with Ghislain Mazars, HEC Professor and founder of Ubeeko, who gave participants a short crash course about the history of Data Science. Next, Jean-David Benassouli, Partner and Head of Data Science and AI at PwC, showed students how the Big Four company helps clients in the journey at the age when Data Analytics is everything and AI has a lot of potential. Sophie Lang from IBM shared her own story of making a career in the field and explained to students why data is the new oil. Finally, Jordan Monnet presented his startup nr2, a tool that predicts disruptions before they sweep the globe. 

The entire keynote session was also live-streamed via our official HEC Data Minds Facebook page. The conference was followed by Q&A time, where students had the opportunity to learn more about the industry, ask for career advice, and get an expert opinion on topics interesting to them. After the official part, there was a casual networking cocktail session provided with drinks and snacks, giving students a chance to chat with our guests. 

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