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Data Minds Running Dinner -14.10.2019

In the middle of October 2019,new members of HEC Data Minds teams got to know each other better with a fun Running Dinner night. 

What is a Running Dinner?

It is a great event to get to know people in your association over three delicious meals. Members are split into pairs and assigned a meal (Appetizer, Main Dish, or Dessert) they had to cook and host for 2 other pairs. For each meal you meet 4 other people, which means 13 new friends (do not forget your cooking partner) in one night!

Members of our international club approached this task creatively and the diversity of dishes is amazing: there was guacamole with nachos and Spanish ham, Chinese omelette, bruschetta, chicken teriyaki, curry and rice, tortillas, fajitas, cheesecake, French crêpes, tiramisu… And surely, all were they were delicious. 

Participants were able to win a bottle of champagne by posting their pictures on Instagram and tagging the official @hecdataminds account. It was a tough task for the jury to select one photo out of many creative submissions, and during the final party, 6 happy winners received their prize and shared the bubbles!

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