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Weekly Bit - You’re being watched right now

Updated: May 11, 2020

Welcome to our Weekly Bit section where Data Minds brings you a recommendation, a suggestion or just a bit of interesting stuff that has caught our attention this week. Stay tuned for the next Weekly bits =)

For our weekly recommendation, we advise our fellow Data Minds to watch the recent New York Times’ Opinion video “You’re being watched right now”. This video follows up a series of articles and opinion pieces the newspaper has been publishing throughout 2019 that focused on privacy, data and how our society is slowly (or not so slowly indeed!) walking towards a dystopian surveillance state.

It is an important (and nicely done) reminder of how careless we can be while surfing the web and giving away our data and what scary consequences these seemingly mindless concessions can have if companies and governments start exploiting their potential.

What is your privacy comfort level? Are you ready to give away your right to privacy? Or perhaps you believe you already did… Regardless, we invite you to explore the topic and question yourself!

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