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HEC Data Minds x DataScientest: The benefits of Data Visualization, Business Intelligence and PowerB

HEC Data Minds hosted a masterclass on data visualization and business intelligence on 25th november. During this event, 30 HEC students had the chance to learn more about data visualization and business intelligence with a live demonstration on Microsoft Power BI.

Students saw a great opportunity to learn new skills to boost their career and perfect their knowledge on Power BI, which encouraged them to get further self training and start new projects.

HEC DataMinds is a student association empowering students to become better in coding and analytic problem solving. Part of their mission is to organize attractive events for the student community to bolster interest in the fields of Data Science and the tech industry.

On last 25th November, the data visualisation and business intelligence masterclass presented by DataScientest’s Jeremy Robert gathered 30 HEC students. Attendees had the chance to learn more about the benefits of data visualization and Business Intelligence. They also took part in a live demonstration on Power BI, showing students how to use Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform’s best features.

Students showed a great interest for Data Science and Business Intelligence

Both topics had a strong resonance among students and the presentation confirmed their interest for business intelligence and data science: “Business intelligence and data science are at the core of being able to take good, well-reasoned business decisions to succeed in the long-term.” says Niklas Wagener, a second year student at HEC, who attended the masterclass. The presentation was also seen as very practical with “hands-on tips on the software and data visualization in general”, according to master’s in management student Christophe Tambourgi. For Kilian Olivier, a 19 years old HEC student, having data science knowledge has become crucial to counter problems faced by a majority of companies. Adele Shi, in her first year of masters, joined Data Minds precisely to learn more on these disciplines. She feels really positive about the event and particularly interested in business intelligence and the power it has to help in decision making and process optimization.

Power BI, an easy to use tool that’s important to master for future jobs

Following the live presentation, Power BI was widely accepted as the Business Intelligence tool of the future. “It is a great tool to visualize data in a simple and intuitive way” said Niklas Wagener. Acknowledging that data-driven decision making should be a key priority for business. Christophe also saw Power BI as an easy-to-use tool that allows creating simple and powerful dashboards for business intelligence. Business Intelligence being used in every industry, Killian Olivier believes being able to use and understand Power BI will be a considerable asset for future job applications. Adele Shi also saw Power BI as an easy to use tool (especially compared to Python she says), she really enjoyed the live presentation and said the masterclass gave her the energy to self train and start new projects.

A mix of quality, technical advice and practical business implications

Overall, this presentation was highly valued by attending students. Niklas saw a well-structured, high-level overview of Power BI as a valuable tool for businesses. The presentation helped him understand the technical aspects of the tool as well as learning about practical business implications which he valued a lot. During the Masterclass, Christophe says he got a good overview of the data process in businesses which encouraged him to further explore Power BI and join training to gain skills. Kilian particularly enjoyed the practical side of the training and wished he could learn more skills this way. If the Power BI live demonstration was particularly well received by students for providing straight answers to their questions and enabling them to gain instant skills. Thanks to the training provided at the event, Kilian Olivier said he’s been able to understand main elements in data and know how to present projects in a better way.

With the help of DataScientest, HEC DataMinds produced a quality event, totally in line with its mission of enhancing student knowledge in Data Science and the tech industry.


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