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Open Climate Collabathon – 16.-17.11.2019

On the weekend of November 16-17th, HEC Data Minds reinforced its commitment to creating a better world through data by hosting the Open Climate Collabathon in partnership with Yale University. Along with HEC students, participants included students from ESSEC, Ecole 42, and ESCP, with the total participants reaching up to 80, making HEC Paris the largest node for the Collabathon! The event was also made possible by working with our corporate partners which includes BPCE, SASI CO, and the support of the HEC Paris administration.

The event lasted a little over 24 hours and comprised of intense hacking sessions that went on throughout the night. It was an atmosphere of determination characterized by intense brain-storming and coding. There were also insightful presentations by the corporate partners to help the participants find their direction for the project. When morning came, everyone was tired but satisfied as they eagerly presented their findings to all the participants and the DataMinds team. 

The event was not just all work and no play!

A fun dinner at Petit Gustave along with music playing throughout the night, the hackathon provided participants with the opportunity to interact with people from various backgrounds. It brought diverse individuals together for the purpose of making a difference for the future of the planet. The event ended with a strong sense of community and the participants returned home feeling empowered that they had had a meaningful impact on changing the world.

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