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Prose: Company Fireside Chat – 06.02.2020

On February 6th, 2020, HEC Data Minds invited 15 HEC students to join for an intimate fireside chat with the French-American start-up Prose at their Paris office. The students learned about how Prose leverages Data and AI to individualize and revolutionize hair care. 

CTO & Cofounder, Nicholas Mussat, and Director of Data Science and AI, Morgan Durand, explained how the algorithm works in order to create the optimal hair product for each individual. Over 135 (!) factors are taken into account to optimize the formula, such as the individuals preferences, goals, and concerns, the seasonal changes as well as the new discoveries in ingredient research.

Prose's goal is to redefine the future of beauty through the use of science and AI technology. The start-up is specialized in personalized hair care, through which it aims at decreasing wastage in the beauty industry. The company is a certified B corporation and achieves high on environmental and social performance. Prose’s products are designed in Paris and bottled in New York.

We would like to thank Nicholas Mussat and Morgan Durand for their time and all the interesting insights they shared with us about the start-up Prose and the development of its hair care products. It was a pleasure!



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